About My Boy

Hello world,

My name is Kaiber William McNally but my Mammy and Daddy call me Kaiber Bear. 

They say my name is very special because Daddy picked it and it is very unusual. My middle name is to remember both of my Great Grandads because I didn’t get to meet them and I will be the only male to carry on my last name in the family.

I was born on the 1st of May 2019 at one minute to midnight. Daddy always tells people he wished I was born one minute earlier so he could reference the Iron Maiden song but I definitely relate more to Frank Sinatra on this one. 

Ever since I decided to turn up six days late to my arrival party I’ve been sure to continue the trend and do things my way and that’s how I aim to go through life (unless Mammy and Daddy say otherwise, in which case it’s their way!)

I have very large chocolate brown eyes and a huge gummy smile. I was born with lots and lots of thick, dark hair and I still have it now but Mammy says I don’t get that from my Daddy. My big feet, on the other hand, those come from him!

Both my Mammy and my Daddy are very tall so I am a loooonnngg baby, I weighed 8lb5 when I was born and I just keep getting heavier and heavier and HEAVIER but that could also have something to do with my milk belly. Mammy says she likes me on the squishy side so she doesn’t mind if I drink until I’m milk drunk, she even gives me tummy rubs and makes sure all my burpies come out.

At the moment I am still growing so I’m hungry a lot and I drool when I watch Mammy and Daddy eating big people food even though I’m too little to try a bite yet. I know I will love it though because when I was in Mammy’s tummy I made her eat so much food! I guess milk will do for me for right now although only for a little while longer.

Me, Mammy and Daddy live together in our home with our black cat Brienne. I have a big Brother and Sister called Ryhley and Taliyah who live with their Mammy. I’ve heard so much about them and hope we get to play soon.

Our garden is a part of the Woods and I can’t wait until I can run and play out there. Right now I love to watch the shadows of the dancing trees on the walls and floor when the sun shines through them. 

We are very lucky to have enough rooms in the house so I get to have my own big boy bedroom. Right now its its blue and ocean-themed and its really great to play in but I sleep in Mammy and Daddy’s room for the meantime because its cold and dark for someone my size at night.

We don’t have a big family but I’m okay with that because there’s lots of love and cuddles to share!

I love my cuddly elephant, Rodger, anything bright and colourful (especially orange), talking, storytime with Mammy and bath time with Daddy. Recently I learned to roll and now I can’t stop doing it! I sometimes try to crawl and get so mad that I can’t but Mammy said its because my little arms and legs aren’t ready yet. Hopefully I’ll be moving around and causing mayhem soon.

If people asked Mammy about me she would say I’m cute as a button and she could eat me up (I really hope she doesn’t do that).

If they asked my Daddy he would say I’m going to be crazy when I’m bigger just like him.

If they asked anyone else who knows me they’d say I’ve been here before but I’m not really sure what that means. All I know is I’m here now and I make everyone smile, a lot, so I must be doing a pretty good job at this whole baby thing, right?